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you were the heart i owned

that beat just like a metronome.

i have chubby arms.
I miss my old LJ: _ribbonsandlace.



i wish i had my own secret garden, tucked away, just like the book. i would have a key, and it would always be tied onto a ribbon around my neck, identical to a choker. & i'd just run and run and run along the hills of thick grass and flowers. & i'd do cartwheel after cartwheel after cartwheel until i grew dizzy and laid my back on the earth. then i'd put my hands behind my head and decipher the shapes overhead. "oh, that's a camel. & that's captain hook's pirate ship. & that's a carnival with a giant elephant giving kids rides." laughing and conversating with peach tea and cupcakes in antique porcelain on picnic blankets. darling, i really do wish.

oh my, my, my, OH MY. i like taking photographs of strangers. i like my mommy's fruit salad. i like retro/vintage everything. i like my little sisters. i like baubles. i like good deals. i like joyriding. i like my car. i like educational programming. i like comedy central stand-up. i like bug juice. i like sex hair. i like the mushy-gushy lovey-dovey things. i like playing make-believe. i like authenticity. i like laughing like a maniac. i like him. & i like you too.

p.s. i am certainly no superman, or quailman, or captain planet, or dr. phil, or mother theresa. all i can promise is to be myself. ©


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